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The Virginia Tech Conspiracy: Introduction


In memory of those we lost

On April 16, 2007 on the premises of the Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg a gunman killed 32 people and injured another 17 before allegedly committing suicide. It made history by being the largest mass shooting perpetrated by a civilian in the history of the United States of America. Cho Seung-Hui, identified by authorities as the gunman, was born in South Korea and apparently grew up in Virginia. He is alleged to have had a green card and obtained permanent residence status.
The massacre at Virginia Tech University has shocked the populace of the United Sates and inspired immense controversy.

However the reasons for the attack have remained largely ambiguous.
As the days roll on more and more questions are being asked regarding the murders.
Strange and disturbing facts about the events that took place on that day are being revealed. There are also innumerable unanswered questions concerning the massacre and particularly surrounding the killer himself.

These and other questions are the topic of this page. Naturally Cho Seung-Hui is the center of the conflict surrounding the Virginia Tech Massacre and as such it is necessary to discuss him, who he was shown to be and whether or not we know all we need to know about him.

Official accounts of the Virginia Tech Massacre states that Cho Seung-Hui had lived legally in the United States with his parents for 14 years. Cho Seung-Hui allegedly moved to the United States in September 1992 living in Centreville, Virginia. However the legitimacy of these claims is questionable. A spokesman with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services refused to release any information concerning Cho Seung-Hui’s parents. The media was naturally inquisitive about the parent’s reaction to the massacre but, strangely, they could not be contacted.
Even more curious is what Larry Hincker, spokesman for Virginia Tech, had to say about Cho Seung-Hui: “We’re having difficulty finding information about him …”

The media claims that Cho Seung-Hui attended and (in 2003) graduated from Westfield High School in Chantilly, Virginia. Both Erin Peterson and Reema Samaha also graduated from Westfield in 2006. Therefore they would have both been attending the High School when Cho is alleged to have been attending it also. But shockingly both these students, who may have been able to identify Cho as their fellow Westfield High School Alumni, were victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre. Perhaps Cho held some ambiguous grudge, or is something more sinister going on?

Erin Sheehan, one of the survivors, said that during the massacre Cho "peeked in twice, earlier in the lesson, like he was looking for someone, somebody, before he started shooting." This took place in the German class. Erin Sheehan was one of the few to escape the attack physically unscathed.

And according to Lucinda Roy Cho Seung-Hui was often seen taking pictures of his fellow classmates. What purpose did these pictures serve? Why would he need photographs of fellow students? Were they, perhaps, used as identification? Cho Seung-Hui was also reported to have followed several females to and from their classes. Did this serve a purpose? Was it more than the stalker-behavior we are told to believe it was?

Information about the life of Cho Seung-Hui prior to the Virginia Tech Massacre is notably limited (aside from some significant information concerning his sister Sun Kyong-Cho, which is discussed later). Some reports claim that Cho Seung-Hui is believed to have been taking psychiatric medication for depression however there is absolutely no record of this in federal prescription databases. Lucinda Roy, one of Cho's English professors, referred him for counseling but he refused to attend.

Cho’s Poetry Professor Nikki Giovani had him removed from her class because his behavior was so menacing. She remarked that the idea of Cho Seung-Hui suffering from a mental disorder was "crap". She preferred to describe his behavior as simply "mean". “Intimidating... there was something mean about this boy. It was the meanness — I've taught troubled youngsters and crazy people — it was the meanness that bothered me. It was a really mean streak.”

This assessment should, perhaps, be emphasized considering that Cho Seung-Hui refused to attend the psychiatric sessions recommended to him and did not use psychiatric drugs. When informed of the massacre, she remarked, "I knew when it happened that that's probably who it was," and "I would have been shocked if it wasn't."

Early reports claimed that Cho Seung-Hui was romantically involved with his fellow student Emily Hilscher. However there is no evidence to suggest that this was the case. Heather Haugh, Hilscher's roommate, said that she knew of no connection between the two. It seems that the “loner” behavior that Cho is described as having extended into his romantic life. Not only that but Cho seemed to avoid connecting with anyone on campus.

Though we know little of the killer himself other, more disturbing, information concerning Cho Seung-Hui’s connections has emerged recently. Although not commonly known Cho Seung-Hui was distantly involved with the US State Department office that controls the monetary subsidization of the Iraq war effort. Sun Kyong-Cho, Cho Seung-Hui’s sister, is employed as a contractor by the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office. This is the third time that Sun Cho has been employed by the state department since her graduation from Princeton University, with an economics major in 2004. Strangely the spokesman for the State Department, Sean McCormack, immediately wished to disassociate the department with Cho Seung-Hui’s sister, even going as far as to deny her employment; "this person is not a direct-hire employee of the State Department."

More and more disturbing information about the character of Cho Seung-Hui is emerging as the days go by, which leads to the speculation contained in this blog. Cho Seung-Hui, it seems, did not suffer from the mental conditions it is claimed he suffered from. Though a disturbed and mean individual it seems the only evidence of his insanity was in his writing and not in his quiet introverted composure.

In fact most psychopaths are noted to seem like charming, out-going individuals due to their high self regard and self-confidence. In the now infamous Ted Bundy case we are told of an absurdly confident murderer who possessed great intelligence. Often the friends and colleagues of psychopaths are surprised once the truth is revealed, saying that they had never suspected them of insanity. Cho Seung-Hui displayed none such behavior. Instead Cho’s mentality was largely displayed through his “plays” each being noted for their violent content and crude, almost adolescent writing style. The plays also contain extremely vulgar sexual references and disturbing evocations of child molestation.

As a student taking a major in English they are of shockingly low quality and simply do not meet the standard of a university student. We are told that these plays are a result of his mental instability; the products of a troubled mind. But anyone who has read the plays would surely ask the question; how could a “writer” of such deficiency be allowed access to the resources of a respected University? Who let him in?

Not only that but Cho Sueng-Hui showed very little interest in his school work. Cho Seung-Hui often said he was taking a Business major, when he was actually taking an English major.

We can only conclude this section by asking the final and most obvious question; if he was not a psychopath then why did Cho Seung-Hui commit these murders? Why was his insanity so uncharacteristically flaunted? And, if he is not who we are told, who was Cho Seung-Hui?


Nattarg said...

The VA Tech mess had a political stink about it from the jump, primarily because Dubya reacted so quickly and got out in front of the story.

Though you can never rule out anything, including some sort of Manchurian Candidate scenario, my bet is Iraq Reconstruction Management Office and MacNeil, who Sun Cho, the killer's sister supposedly directly works for, is what Dubya's boys wanted to protect.

The IRMO was brought into existence to replace the old Coalition Provisional Authority, the agency that just happened to lose track of $9 billion, in its dealings in Iraq.

The White House has been in total crisis control for sometime now and I have no doubt the second the FBI got the killer's name, it triggered internal connections and they wanted to get in front of the story, rather than have a young lady who was in grieve say anything to the press.

Even in a world where members of the press have become lapdogs, rather than watchdogs, it is hard to believe they wouldn't ask her what she does and what the IRMO does.

Throw in that the killer sent a lot more information than we have seen to NBC, subsidiary of the largest defense contractor in the world, GE, and you can see Rove and Cheney wanting to control the news on this immediately and definitively.

What if the killer rambled on about something his sister had talked to him about the IRMO handing out bribes to Iraqis? In the midst of the troubles the White House has, this would be a bombshell.

Add in that the moment the Associated Press published a story about the sister and who she worked, White House Press Pit Bull, Michelle Malkin condemned the news organization for doing so and this idea is probable.

Anonymous said...

While I do agree with most of what you are saying, I have to bject to your blanket statement that most serial killers are found charming. Ted Bundy was a rarity, and you provide no case evidence to back that statement up. Also, it is a false comparison, because one is classified as a "serial killer", and the other is a "mass murderer".

Anonymous said...

The conspiracy is largely accepted by South Koreans in South Korea. The incident is viewed as USA's answer to rejecting the acceptance of beef suspected as containing Mad Cow contagion. Eventually puppet government officials in South Korea yielded even in the face nearly 100% of South Koreans opposed. However USA was not able to persuade THE Japan because at the time close to 1 trillion dollars of US Treasuries had been owned by them. This is the reason why US can afford to incur huge trade deficit and still have "no" inflation of US currency whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Though VA Tech shooting conspiracy is deplorable from the victims' point of view, conspiracy is a necessary measure to keep Paul Wolfowitz's doctrine in check. We enjoy the security and super power status of United States, but no bloggers and their readers want to do the dirty work. Grow up people!