Tuesday, May 1, 2007

VTConspiracy News: Criminologist in disbelief

Professor of Criminology at Florida Gulf Coast University, Charles Mesloh, told NBC 2 News that he was shocked Cho could have killed 32 people with two handguns absent expert training. Mesloh immediately assumed that Cho must have used a shotgun or an assault rifle.

"I'm dumbfounded by the number of people he managed to kill with these weapons," said Mesloh, "The only thing I can figure is that he got close to them and he simply executed them."

Mesloh said the killer performed like a trained professional, "He had a 60% fatality rate with handguns - that's unheard of given 9 millimeters don't kill people instantly," said Mesloh, stating that the handguns Cho used were designed for "plinking at cans," not executing human beings.


Anonymous said...

If you've ever been here during a football game- its nearly impossible to get a call or text in or out when there are 30,000+ people in the same 1 mile radius trying to.

And you may want to consider "news report inconsistency" and a flawed form of support since there is NO other type of news coverage- examples think of the 2000 elections results even the day after there was no consistency.

Anonymous said...

Cho used a Glock 19 pistol...this gun is used by the New York Police Department, various state and federal agencies, and the CIA uniformed, and operative divisions...it was designed as a defensive weapon that stops and kills people