Sunday, April 29, 2007

VTConspiracy News: Student arrested and Teacher Fired

A University of Colorado student pleaded not guilty Wednesday to making comments that classmates deemed sympathetic toward the gunman blamed for killing 32 students and himself at Virginia Tech, authorities said.
During a class discussion on April the 17th regarding the massacre at Virginia Tech, Max Karson "made comments about understanding how someone could kill 32 people," university police Commander Brad Wiesley said.

His father, Michael Karson, told the Camera Newspaper that the comments may have been misinterpreted and questioned whether his son's free speech rights had been violated.
"I would have hoped that state officials would know their First Amendment better than they seem to," he said.

Also a former Emmanuel College adjunct professor was recently fired for starting a discussion on the recent Virginia Tech Massacre. On April the 22nd he stated that the college violated his rights and has tried to stifle valid discussion of a controversial topic.

"Every other faculty member there has learned the lesson of 'be quiet,' " adjunct professor Nicholas Winset said in a telephone interview yesterday. "How can you be a professor and not touch on controversy?"

On Saturday, Winset posted an 18-minute defense of his actions on, a popular website for homemade video clips.
Under the title "Fired Professor Speaks Out!" the four-part video features Winset describing the lecture that led to his dismissal.
He said it included a brief discussion of gun control, whether to respond to violence with violence, and the public's "celebration of victim-hood" in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Below are the Videos posted on Youtube:

There is clearly a lot of sensitivity surrounding the Virginia Tech Massacre and most are unwilling to tackle the issue. With such blatant attacks on civil liberties occurring, those stated above serving as an example, we must ask: are we allowing our sensitivity to damage our liberty?


Anonymous said...

I had trouble hearing all that you said, poor sound quality. I think you may have missed the point of why you were fired and it was not for free speech but fear. How many bodies did you see that "tragic" day? I was glued to the tv and there was only one channel with VT massacre ostensibly live news all day non stop but in reality it was a five minute loop; I timed it several times to make certain. Only one large covered body brought out on gerney to waiting ambulance and my guess is the size of the person was unlikely a youthful student. Viewers should be suspicious when things just don't look right; ask questions. It is our patriotic duty to keep our government honest and if not we all may be viewing a Hitler replay before long.

Anonymous said...

I posted the previous "suspicious" comment and please forgive me if it seems a dishonorable thing to feel suspicious when it is accepted that 32 people were killed that day; to all those who lost loved ones on that day I am heartfully sorry, may they rest in peace. But as a tv viewer I must say with all honesty I was actually frightened that day not by what I saw but what was not shown. There was no news. Fox I think it was showed only a five minute loop over and over all day, no bodies, no anything. I began writing down the anomalies and lost count after 30. I just now erased all anomalies I had written realizing there is not one posted comment before mine. Now I am worried I will be arrested for speaking out. Where are all the comments from students who were there? I'm outta here.

Anonymous said...

I was on the drillfield when it all went down. I saw everything as far as police approach to the Hall. Outside of the building there was little going on of ANY interest after the police made it through the chains on the doors- which is why you have only a 5 minute loop.

The reason you saw nothing is because ALL of the news crews focused on the drill field side of the building. the ambulances and medical teams were on the back side of the academic side of campus. They did not carry out bloody bodies due to disrespect to their families and friend who may recognize them before they have been formally contacted by police.

To you all it may seem like there was very little coverage by media, but you didn't have reporters are you school, house and friends funerals trying to get statements from you. We couldn't watch TV for week after the 16th BECAUSE it was on EVERY CHANNEL!

When waiting at the Inn to hear from our friends who were in the building- when information was available WE were not told until their next of kin were contacted.

There- you're questions answered. I hope you feel like a jackass now.