Sunday, April 22, 2007

VTConspiracy News: Police distracted by second suspect

At Virginia Tech police did not lock down the campus after the first of two shootings and this has given rise to heated discussion.

The New York Times reported that this decision may have been motivated by the belief that the first shooting was the culmination of an isolated domestic dispute. However if a murder took place on campus surely it would be nescessary to send students home?

Virginia Tech Police Department Detective Stephanie J. Henley applied for a search warrant for the residence of Karl David Thornhill, boyfriend of victim Emily Jane Hilscher, after Hilscher and resident advisor Ryan Clark were found shot to death at Hilscher's dorm.

More than two hours after the first shooting, Thornhill was being questioned by police when word came of more gunfire at a second location. Th eimage in this post is the affidavit Henley filed, which has been split into two parts for readability.

Below is the search warrant in question:


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