Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Virginia Tech Conspiracy: Videos

In the above video Nikki Giovani, the woman author who said that the idea of Cho Seung-Hui suffering from a mental disorder was "crap" preferring to describe him simply as "mean", makes a passionate speech.

Holes in the media's coverage of the Virginia Tech Massacre are disturbingly common. The most common story being circulated by the media concerning the attack is that Cho Seung-Hui committed suicide immediately after the arrival of the police.

In the following video we see shocking proof of federal forces engaging Cho Seung-Hui in a gun-fight. According to the official story Cho Seung-Hui chained the door to Norris Hall (an Engineering Building) and once the police managed to breach the barricaded doors they found Cho Seung-Hui already dead having killed himself.

However this report simply doesn’t hold up when further evidence is considered. In a video tape recorded by Virginia Tech student Jamal Albarghouti we see police officers engaging an unseen individual. In this video we can clearly hear multiple gunshots taking place with disturbing frequency.

Though the wind is loud, often dominating the video, we can still hear the gunshots. What we can learn from this video is that this gunfight took place outside, not inside. Furthermore the guns fired are audibly diverse, suggesting that several different weapons were used in the assault.

"While I was walking, I saw a cop running around. And then he saw other cops. He drew his gun from his pocket or from the gun's pocket, and started running toward the other cops. And then they both started running toward Norris Hall." - Jamal Albaughouti

WARNING: Some may find the following video upsetting. Discretion is most certainly advised:

Another mystery surrounding the Virginia Tech Massacre is the second gunman who was thought to have been on the Virginia Tech premises but was forgotten shortly after the horrific attack. Where did he go and why have police stopped investigating the possibility of a second gunman?

There is the question on how Cho managed to make the long journey from West Ambler Johnston to Norris Hall. The fore mentioned second gunman-theory could account for this, but who this enigmatic man is has yet to be verified. However an odd picture did emerge recently showing a man (not Cho Sueng-Hui) being arrested on the same day.

When the NBC Video made by Cho Seung-Hui arrived at the NBC headquarters in New York there was controversy surrounding its subsequent display on the news. Some thought that the video did not deserve the air-time that the perpetrators clearly wanted it to have.

In this video Cho Seung-Hui is seen railing against the wealthy and comparing himself to Jesus Christ. Along with the video are photographs of Cho standing in threatening positions, holding such weapons as hammers and guns. However a closer analysis of the video reveals some interesting information. If you look at the eye-line of Cho Seung-Hui you can see that he is looking down, his eyes are moving backward and forward. Clearly Cho is reading this statement from a script and it is not a spontaneous rant. Cho is unusually subdued even in his most angry moments. In the scene where he compares himself to Christ watch as he looks downward at a script just out of shot. The most striking scene is when he reads almost an entire statement straight from a script, looking up at the camera very infrequently.

Perhaps Professor Nikki Giovani’s assessment was correct and Cho Sueng-Hui was a cruel, callous and mean individual but not completely insane.

Did he write the rants himself or were they simply given to him to read? If so who gave him the scripts?


Anonymous said...

The gunshots we inside. You are ignorant. I was walking past the building as it happened. I heard it all and saw entirely too much.

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Bullshit. You're the 50-cent party.