Monday, April 30, 2007

VTConspiracy News: Inconsistent News Reports

On April the 16th Charles Steger, president of Virginia Tech, stated that the shooter responsible for the Virginia Tech Massacre had no identification. He admitted to a CNN report that the identity of the deceased gunman could not be confirmed.

"We have not confirmed the identity of the gunman, because he carried no identification on his person, and we are in the process of attempting that identification."
However this claim was later retracted when officials started to claim that Cho Seung-Hui was carrying a receipt on his person that led them to the store where he had bought the weapon.

"That's the first gun traced to that shop, not by the serial number on the gun, Paula, but on the receipt that he was carrying that they found on his dead body. He had filed away the serial numbers in three different spots on that Glock .9-millimeter, which makes no sense, because he's carrying the receipt." - Drew Griffen, CNN Investigative Correspondant

I must agree. It does make very little sense for Cho Seung-Hui to be carrying a receipt. Considering he had bought these guns months before the attack it seems rather unlikely that he would, very conveniently, happen to keep a hold of one.
It seems even more unlikely that he would have accidentally kept one as he had filed off the serial number on the weapons, suggesting that he wanted the source of the guns to remain unknown.

As I said before, inconsistencies in the media accounts of the attack are disturbingly common.

Also according to Karina Porushkevich, a student at Virginia Tech, all phone-lines were blocked and many were unable to contact their families following the assault.

"It was very, very saddening. I was crying. I couldn't reach my family because they turn -- like the phones were off, everything was off."

This report received surprisingly little news coverage.

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